Friday, 18 August 2017

Finally Friday

Georgia: We are happy the weekend is here.
We are not happy that it is raining for the second
straight weekend! It was sunny all week !
The only good thing is that mum will be indoors more.
maybe that is a bonus.

JJ: That's right Georgia. I like having mum around as I get
lots of scritches. What I don't like is her working on some of the
 matts  in my furs! She has removed some big ones and I must
admit, I feel better.
Don't tell her I said that!

Julie: I also like the sun!
It feels so good on panther furs.

Since we will not have sun this weekend, I look forward to
mum reading.
I really like snoozing in her lap!
Good thing she has lots of books and loves reading.
Housework? Not likely. Reading wins out most times.
That works for me!

What do you like about weekends?

Whatever it is, we wish your weekend to be

Monday, 14 August 2017

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia:  On a rainy weekend, I like to snooze,especially when
mum is busy doing  things like laundry,tidying up ,
computer stuff and reading.
Mum was going to wash this sleeping bag and had tossed
it on this chair. I found it and it was comfy,so I
claimed it for a snooze.
Mum will have to wash it later.

JJ and Julie found comfy spots on the porch.
There was not much to see outside due to the rain.
A few squirrels and birds were around, but they decided to
snooze instead. I don't blame them.
Julie is looking at mum and asking if she will be 
reading her book soon.
Julie loves to snooze on mum's lap when mum reads.
Mum told her she will read after lunch.

So, what did you do this weekend ?

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Friday, 11 August 2017

Finally Friday !

Julie: It's Friday! That means weekend.Oh boy!
Next to the  weekend and the porch, I love treats.
I am hoping if I just lay here in the kitchen mum
will feel sorry for me and realize I have fainted due to lack of treats.

JJ: Huh? Did I hear somecat say treats??

Georgia: Gee, I like treats too.

Oh! Did you mean treats now?
Bring them on !!

We purr you all get treats,scritches or plenty of time with your
purrson this weekend.
Remember... have  FUN !

By the way, we got treats!

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Julie 0n Tuesday

Julie: Oh boy! I am SO happy!
Mom abandoned us on Sunday.
She said she was going to her nephew's wedding.
She was gone for years and we were sure we were 
going to starve!!
Monday she came home  at suppertime.
We got food!!!!!!!!!
I even got to get on the porch!
Oh yes! I am a happy cat!

No mum, I am not exaggerating!

Friday, 4 August 2017

Finally Friday !

JJ: Weekends are great as we get to go on the porch
almost any time of the day. That's because mum is home.
I think I will head out now.

The nice thing about Summer is that the porch is warm.
I like that and I look forward to it.

Yay weekend!
Let's get this weekend started!

Julie: Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!
I like it warm too. Heat really makes you feel so

Oh yes, I love the porch! 

Georgia: Yes I know the porch is warm and cozy.
I like that, but I also like this blanket.
It is also comfy and the best part?
It's Julie free!

Wherever you choose to spend your weekend,
just be sure to have  FUN!!

Monday, 31 July 2017

Sharing the Porch, with Georgia

Georgia: This weekend was pretty sunny and not too hot.
I thought I might go on the porch.
I hoppen up here and thought this would be a good place
to relax and maybe have a snooze.

As you can see, mt sisfur Julie came along.
Now, this shelf is pretty long and there is room for her right beside me.
However, she claims that "this" spot is hers!

I was quite nervous as I thought she might whap me.
She can be a bit of a bully.

I am sure she thought about it and as mum was home, 
decided that she would not start anything.
She moved on.

Oh goody!
Now I can get on with my nap!

JJ: I don't understand those young cats!
I get along with every cat and person.
I just want to be happy and enjoy a good snooze.
Julie is pretty young(8 years) compared to me(20 years).
Georgia is 14 years.
Georgia is a shy,gentle soul and Julie is brash and thinks
mum is hers because mum rescued her.
Oh, someday she will settle down and be nicer to Georgia.
 I just hope my sleeping will not be interrupted.

As you can see, I AM a good cat and I did leave Georgia alone.

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Friday, 28 July 2017

Finally Friday Close Ups

We are happy it is Friday.
It has been a busy week (mostly for mum,she  is
the one complaining)
She was late getting home a few nights and we had
to wait for supper !
Well, it is finally Friday and we are all looking forward
to the weekend,and relaxing together.
For today, we are doing our close ups.




We purr you all had a good week 
and will be having some FUN this weekend.

Remember, it's all about the FUN !

Monday, 24 July 2017

Early Morning Fun on the Porch

JJ: I just finished my breakfast and now I am on the porch.
I like Sunday because mum is home and she opens the
door for us.

Georgia: That's right JJ. It is early and the sun is shining but the porch
is not hot. Hmmmmmm, mum put something here.

What did mum put there Georgia?
Is that catnip?

JJ, go get your own! This is mine!

I really like catnip!

We also like to hang out here and enjoy a good after
breakfast snooze.
Too bad we can only do it on weekends.
However, we can do an after supper snooze
when mum comes home from work.

Julie: I agree Georgia. 
Too bad we cannot have access to the porch all day.
But that's OK.
There are other places to snooze.

Another place to snooze?
Julie will show you where.
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House Panthers

Our dear friends Pipo and Mr Jack Freckles made
some pawsome pictures for us in honour of
our Gotcha Day.
Thank you also to their Petcretary

Mum was late in checking her e-mail, so she did not see them
when she posted. If you would like to see them, go to our
 Gotcha day post.
Just click on the red link.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Finally Friday with Julie and Critters

Julie: Hi friends.
Are you ready for the weekend?
I am always ready and  this week,mum is really ready.
 She said it was a long week.
I thought weeks were all the same length.
Oh well, let's not try to understand humans!
I am just happy to be looking forward to porch time.

It will be nice and sunny and not quite as hot as it has been.
I will continue to enjoy this couch and relax.
My siblings will no doubt join me.

We saw some interesting critters lately.
Some are scary to humans, so be warned!

Mum was out a while ago and saw Sammy Seagull. 
He was looking for food.  Some person tossed him a morsel
and he caught it.
I bet he has plenty of practise.

Mum found this Garden Snake  in the house.
I did NOT let it in. It got in all by itself.

Mum used  a grabber to put it in the pail then took him
outside and let him go.
I never even got to play with him.

This fellow got in the house too.
Mum was not impressed at all!
This is a Fishing or Wharf Spider.
They are similar to Wolf Spiders.
It may not look like it, but this fellow was not full grown.
The piece of wood is about 4.5 cm (1 3/4 inches).

It was pretty funny watching mum try to use the broom
to get him in the pail. Eventually she prevailed 
after he ran into the bathroom.

A hot week,critters in the house and busy times for mum.
Yup, we are all ready for the weekend and for some

We purr you have FUN too !

Monday, 17 July 2017

Georgia Says-Lots Going on at Our Vet's Place

Georgia: Saturday morning mum came and got me  pretty 
early. She said I had to go to the Vet for 9AM.
It was my semi-annual visit.

While I am not crazy about going there, I was pretty relaxed.
The Vet Tech were impressed that I was so calm too.
I got lots of attention,especially from the one in training..
The Vet was pretty happy with me  and said I looked great.
She stole some blood to do a wellness test.
Mum should hear by Monday how I did.

At  lunchtime, mum went back to the Vet alone.
They were having their annual "Open House"
They have raffle baskets and tours of the facility.
They also had a BBQ.
Mum took a picture of the staff. 
My Vet is in the front with the long pants and behind he is her hubby.
He did the BBQ.
The girl in the colourful top is the Tech on  training
experience. She was nice to me.

This is the truck the Vet uses for making house calls
to horses and some other farm  critters.

Those tools look pretty scary! I am glad  that the Vet 
does not use these tools on me.
Those rasps are way to big for my mouth.
They would fit in Vidock's mouth though !

As usual, Julie got lots of porch time.

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