Friday, 23 March 2018

Finally Friday

Georgia: Well, this week Spring came.
It also brought some cooler weather and
another storm.
Well, the storm was not that bad, but we did get snow 
and then a lot of rain. It was pretty messy.
Mum said the snow was really wet.
However today we might see some sun!

This picture was from Thursday night.
You can see the snow, but not how saturated with water is is.
We hope the rain and maybe some sun will take it away.
Mum says we might have flurries all weekend, but next
week will be warmer with sunshine!
I hope that forecast does not change.

JJ: I kinda hope I can be on the porch again too.
It is pretty nice out here and sheltered from and wind and weather.
It is a great place for relaxing and snoozing.

Julie: You know I want to be on the porch a lot.
There is so much to explore.
There is also a comfy couch for snoozing too.
We are pretty sure we will all have FUN.

What is your weather  like?
Has Spring found you ?
We purr that you all have a FUN weekend Q!

Monday, 19 March 2018

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Well, after my trip to the Vet last week, I have
decided that I do not want that to happen again!

I am going to be sure to drink lots of water to keep things
clear and working!
 I am doing fine!
Thanks for all of your well wishes too .

Even JJ thinks that is a good idea!

Huh? Did someone call me?

I guess I'll see what's going on out on the porch.

There is my silly sister Julie rolling on the floor.
I know she loves the porch, but sometimes I think
she is a bit crazy!

Well, maybe I will relax a bit and maybe clean up a bit.
Suppertime is almost here.

Do you want to see what else Julie did
this weekend?

and see.

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Friday, 16 March 2018

Let's Get This Weekend Started !

Georgia: I for one am happy to get this weekend started.
I am just plain  happy and relieved.
I had to go to the Vet on Tuesday evening.
When mum came home from work she saw that I was
not feeling well, looked uncomfortable and was sort of
sitting but not quite.Sge figured my back end was giving me trouble.
The Vet determined that I had a urinary tract infection.
A shot of Convenia and a bit of pain meds and I went home.
Now, I am feeling so much better!!
I am ready to enjoy this weekend!

JJ: I am looking forward to more of that nice sunshine.
Mum says I may have to wait until Sunday as
Saturday will be cloudy and quite cool.
Sunday will be cool as well, but sunny!
That will be OK as the porch is enclosed.
I just want some sunshine.

Julie: Come on mum,enough with the pictures!
I want to get on with this weekend where you rub my belly,
scratch my ears,hug me let me on the porch and give me treats!
I like treats and NO I don't want to hear any comments
from you.
Let's just have some FUN!

We purr the fickle weather is good where you live.
We purr you all have FUN plans for the weekend.
Emphasis on the FUN !!

Monday, 12 March 2018

Mancat Mnday with JJ

JJ: How cool is this? I get to do a post by myself!
Mum says it is Mancat Monday and I am the only
Mabcat here!

As you can see, I found the sun on the porch.

That was pretty neat.
I even had the porch to myself for a while as
Mz Julie was snoozing. Can you believe that?
A young cat (compared to me) sleeping!!

We had a wild weekend.
Friday  it snowed and it was also very windy!
Mum heard lots of bumping sounds and finally went
 to see what was going on.
This is what she saw! This big branch broke off of a tall tree,
At the top of the picture you can see mum's footprints
when she came home from work.

Saturday morning she took this picture.
The trunk of the big tree is in the background.
Mum does not know how the branch fell
and did not take out the power lines that are in front of the tree!

If you look closely at this picture, you can see
snowflakes! It is hard to tell, but it was partly sunny at 
the same time!
This picture is from Sunday and you can see where some
snow has melted by the trees.

This picture is from Saturday and it was sunny.
The sun melted a lot of snow too !

For a good portion of the weekend Julie was doing this
when she was not sleeping on mum's lap.

To see more pictures of Julie's weekend,

pop over to HOUSE PANTHERS.

Click the red link.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Finally Friday !

Georgia: Yay for the weekend! I always enjoy
having mum around.She will be happy to be home too 
as our weather this past week has been cool and windy.
We have also been getting snow and rain and that looks 
to continue into next week.
That's OK for me as I have a cozy warm spor right here.

JJ: Yup, the weekend is here and we will lose an hour and 
that means we will be confused again about meal times!
We do not like this changing of clocks!
I like to know when my meals will come.
Mum says that the evenings will be lighter longer.
All that means is that she has more time to turn that flashy box on us! you see who photobombed me?

Julie: Oh I love to hang out with mum!
I got to get into this messy storage /laundry room.
We are hardly ever allowed in here without supervision.
I love to follow mum wherever she goes.
She calls me her shadow.
Bad weather means mum spends more time indoors
with me...OK, all of us.

What are you doing this time changing weekend?
Make sure to include  FUN!

Monday, 5 March 2018

Cool and Windy Weekend with Georgia

Georgia: When you have a cool and windy weekend, 
snoozing with your brother is a pretty good idea.
Well, snoozing in general is a good idea. Hee,hee!

JJ did get a case of the munchies so he decided he should
finish breakfast.

Over the weekend we had this pretty Mallard duck.

He discovered that there were seeds and cracked corn in our yard.
 He was pretty happy.

This kitty was not happy!

Pop over to House Panthers.
You can find out why Julie was not happy !
She also has links to show how stormy the ocean was too!

Friday, 2 March 2018

Finally Friday !

Georgia: Well it's Friday and mum is happy.
She said it was a long week. That is silly as there are 
were the same number of working days as usual.
Oh well, I guess that must be a human thing.
Anyway, I am happy it is the weekend and I look
forward to mum time.

JJ: I am also looking forward to this weekend.
I love attention and treats and will do my darndest to get
lots of both! I'm pretty sure that will not be too hard either. MOL!

Julie: Mum says it might be rainy with some flurries on Saturday.

She did say that Sunday will be the same temperature (5C )
but should be sunny !
Guess you all know where and what I will be doing!!!

When we last had some snow, the ducks dropped by for some seeds.

They have some pretty nest footprints.

They run around a lot too !

We purr your weekend is full of FUN!!!
Any special plans? it is Dr Seuss Day too, we present...

Monday, 26 February 2018

Monday with Georgia

Georgia: Just having a stroll across the rug.
Checking out the living room at the same time.
Looking over here...

Looking over there...

Looking up at mum.
Hi mum!

Posing nicely for the camera.

Now...what do you suppose Julie is doing?

To see Julie's weekend, follow the RED link to 

Friday, 23 February 2018

Let's get this Weekend Started!

Georgia: Well, we had a warmer week with rain so almost 
of the snow is gone. Only where it is piled up can you see any
and the piles are not big at all.
Today is sunny and we should have daytime temps  in the 
warmer range through next week(0 to 5 C ) with sun 
and maybe some rain. Not typical February temps for us at all !
Naturally this mostly affects mum as we do not go outdoors.
We are warm and cozy all the time.

As you can see, I am quite cozy on this blanket.

Julie is cozy sitting on the chair.
She hopes mum will put the camera away and sit and read
so she can curl up on mum's lap.

JJ also loves the blanket. He is hoping he can convince mum to
give him some treats. As the oldest cat here(20) he is
not worried about calories. He just wants junk food .
Mind you, we all do .

Mum might be away part of Saturday to go to her
nephew's house warming.
That's OK, we will get plenty of snuggles when she comes back.

As always, we wish you all a happy and FUN weekend.
Any plans? Let us know.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Holiday Monday with Georgia

Georgia: Hello and welcome to Monday. I am happy
because mum is home because it is a holiday
knows as Heritage Day.
I am looking forward to extra scritches and brushings!

JJ is pretty impressed as he thinks his colouring  matches the floor!
Well, he is right!

We enjoyed lots of sun on Saturday.

Then we got snow(but not a lot) on Sunday.

It made the trees look pretty.

Earl the Squirrel did not mind the snow.
Mum put out seeds and he found them

Mum found the squirrel's footprints in the snow too.

This is our yard ...for now.
Today is sunny and Tuesday is going to  be rainy!
What a strange Winter so far!

Julie is enjoying the extra mum day too.

See about her weekend by going over to